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Başlık: 2012 Dream Team Planları
Gönderen: Murat Temur - 23. Ocak 2012, 00:03:32
Ve bu planlarda Blake Griffin yok.

NBA.com'dan Scott Howard Copper'ın yazısını okuyabilir ve aynı linkteki Colangelo mülakatını seyredebilirsiniz.

"Unpopular but true: Blake Griffin is not a great fit for the Olympic team and may not have nearly the impact in London next summer as he does in the NBA. The international game is much more about passing and shooting than blowing through an opponent, which is why Team USA officials have coveted Kevin Love and Odom among power forwards and now like LaMarcus Aldridge. Tyson Chandler had a role at the World Championships because he is pure defense at center, and that isn’t Griffin’s game either. “He’s showing what kind of future he has,” USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo said. “I have no doubt that going forward that Blake will have a significant impact on USA Basketball. If not now, certainly in the future.”"

http://hangtime.blogs.nba.com/2012/0...s=iref:nbahpt1 (http://hangtime.blogs.nba.com/2012/0...s=iref:nbahpt1)
Başlık: Ynt: 2012 Dream Team Planları
Gönderen: burAk35 - 04. Temmuz 2012, 12:01:26
1380 kez okunup hiç ileti yazılmayan bir başlık ;D